Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Knife

The No. 8 Outdoor model is the latest design from the French company Opinel. It updates the classic design with modern materials and features useful to sportsmen and outdoorsmen.

Early in 2012 there was a major revamp on the Opinel line with the No. 8 Outdoor model. While perhaps not a survival knife as we might think of the term, it brings a lot to the table that would make it a worthy of consideration for folks interested in a light weight and inexpensive tool. Opinel has done a number of changes on the Outdoor, which add versatility to the classic design.

New Handles
They start with a handle in the classic shape of the No. 8 Opinel. The biggest difference here is the material. Instead of the old traditional wood handle, which is prone to swelling when wet, which could make the blade difficult to open, Opinel went with a two tone plastic grip that’s available in four colors. For high-visibility there is a safety orange, neon green, and a bright blue color offered. If those are a bit bright for you, a basic gray model is available as well. Personally I like the high visibility handles and I ordered one of the green ones.

Aside from the material, two other changes to the handle are the addition of a 110-decibel pea-less whistle for signaling use, and narrow lanyard hole that comes with a short lanyard attached. Moving to the blade, we see the normal No. 8 shaped 3.25-inch blade, but with some changes. Most obvious is a tapered shackle key built into the blade, along with a set of serrations for use on rope.

A 110-decibel whistle is incorporated into the handle of the knife. The author found it to be quite loud with a pitch that carried far in the woods.

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