On the Labor Day weekend of September 2010, the Usual Suspects network held their second annual “Gathering” (G2) show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. This show has turned into a unique hybrid that offers a great mix of both tactical gear and knives. Having heard many good reports about last year’s “G1,” Tactical Knives made a point of having a table at G2. As we expected, the crowd was young and enthusiastic with money to willing spend on their favorite type of cutlery. Given the decline in attendance at many of the traditional “custom knives are for rich collectors” type shows, it’s nice to know the blades this publication focuses on are still the hot commodity with the guys that are actually buying. You can count on us being there again next year for sure. The following are a few of the great tactical customs we found on the show’s tables.

charles-marlowe-bulldogBITING BULLDOG: Charles Marlowe’s “Bulldog” sports a husky 3.25-inch blade of CPM 154 stainless on a handle of carved titanium. Marlowe can be contacted at 10822 Poppleton Ave. Dept. TK, Omaha, NE 68144; 402-933-5065

handy-bud-the-pesh-kabz HANDY BUD: The Pesh-Kabz fixed blade has long been one of the most popular models in Bud Nealy’s line and now he has redesigned the knife into a very handy folder. The armor piercing 3.25-inch blade is ground from CPM-154 stainless and is mounted on a “Grip Guard” G-10 handle frame with titanium liners. Bud can be contacted at RR-1 Box 1439, Dept. TK, Stroudburg, PA 18360; 570-402-1018

FLASHY FLG: Brian Fellhoelter’s “FLG” provides a 3.5-inch blade of Chad Nichols Damascus on a carbon fiber scales and titanium frame handle. The maker can be contacted at 3149 Palo Verde Blvd N., Dept. TK, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404; 760-223-2503

FIERCE PEARCE: Michael Tinker Pearce simply calls this unique design his “folding fighter.” As strange as the 4.75-inch AEB-L stainless blade looks, the maker assured me that it was scientifically designed for effectiveness as a close-combat weapon. Given his history of producing totally functional battle swords, I tend to believe him. Pearce can be contacted at 6914 S. 116th Pl, Dept. TK, Seattle, WA 98178; 206-772-6720

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On the Labor Day weekend of September 2010, the Usual Suspects network held their…