Either one of these two Utica 1095 carbon steel fixed-blades would make great field companions. The large Catskill knife (upper) features a full tang, drop-point pattern blade, while the smaller Big Pine model (lower) has an identical blade pattern accented with green bone handle scales and nickel/silver bolsters and pins.

In the last few years, this nation has lost some of its oldest and finest cutlery manufacturers. Sure, their trademarks are still alive, but purchased by others and the manufacturing sent overseas. Unfortunately, there are only a few manufacturers that can still boast of being “Made in the USA.”

One of those survivors is the Utica Cutlery Company. In fact, they have been in operation for over a century. While they are best known for their traditional pocketknives, this firm also makes a host of other edged tools, including fixed-blade hunters, lock-backs and liner-locking folders, knives for trade folks and kitchen cutlery.

Utica History
Incorporated in 1910 in the town of Utica, New York, the company was located in a former casket manufacturing plant, a location that still serves this firm even to this day. From its inception, the company grew quickly and, by 1920, claimed to be the “largest factory in the world devoted exclusively to the manufacture of high-grade pocket cutlery.”

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