Christof at Koyote knives can pull off both combat tactical weapons and seasoned outdoorsman tools. Here are two examples which show the range of materials, edge styles and handle shapes. The top knife shows classic designs of a Pukko, and the bottom Sgian Dubh pulls heritage from a Scottish dagger.

Slick, sharp, with no bells and whistles. This is what a knife should be, a tool the user can depend on to carve a path back to their roots. With our fast-food lines, disposable containers and grocery stores where tropical fruit and Maine lobster are next to each other, it is easy to take for granted how easy it is to get food and supplies. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder to realize how much the land provides, and that reminder came to me by way of a knife by Christof Harper of Koyote Knives.

The year of 2006 marked the first time this relatively new knifemaker came to the market. Christof attributed his venture into knife making due to the fact that every production knife he purchased was never exactly how he wanted it. Knife makers can be so picky sometimes! He doesn’t use patterns often, letting the blade “settle into itself,” as Christof puts it. Christof’s style shows through in every knife that he creates, no matter if it is a combat blade or a thin carving knife.

A Woman’s Touch
At Koyote Knives, it would be easy to say that it is not a one-man operation. The sheaths made for the working blades are a class of art in and of themselves. Maybe it takes a woman’s touch, as the scabbards are handcrafted by a 23-year-old named Sierra Student. Sierra’s work is top class and rivals some of the finest sheath makers I’ve seen out there. Even in something as simple as a neck knife pouch, there is a touch of old-world style mixed with heavy-duty construction in the stitching. Some of the larger sheaths have double stitching along the outer edge. By far the most impressive sheath was the large Trail knife chopper that had a MOLLE friendly leather setup. With the loops on the back, one could carry it high up on the belt, or low on the belt for a truly custom fit with the supplied Chicago screws.

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Christof at Koyote knives can pull off both combat tactical weapons and seasoned outdoorsman…