The Aimpoint Duty RDS is specifically targeted at law enforcement end users. It offers an affordable, professional grade solution for LEOs looking for a compact red dot sight for a patrol rifle or carbine.

Aimpoint Duty RDS Features

The Aimpoint Duty RDS is clearly designed to give law enforcement officers and agencies an affordable optic that’s also packed with features such as a 3 year battery life. Additionally, the optic is compatible with all modern night vision devices. Furthermore, the advanced optical lenses provide maximum clarity on the 2 MOA dot. At the same time, all these features aren’t weighing the sight system down, coming in at 3.8 ounces. Perhaps most importantly, the RDS is always on – and always ready for action.

Finally, the new dot’s MSRP of $499 will make it an attractive option for individual officers and consumers who also want a duty grade optic. Although there’s no word yet on availability for the Aimpoint Duty RDS, expect units to ship in mid 2022.

the new Aimpoint duty RDS is always ready for action

An Affordably Duty-Grade Optic

  • 2 MOA red dot for precision and fast target acquisition
  • Battery life: 30,000 hours (over 3 years) of constant operation with one battery on setting 7
  • Battery type: CR2032 battery (included)
  • One-piece Torsion Nut Mount
  • Flip-up lens covers – front is solid, and rear is transparent
  • Advanced optical lenses for enhanced light transmission and ultimate dot clarity
  • Flush mounted windage and elevation adjustments eliminate the need for caps
  • Hard anodized non-reflective surface
  • 10 brightness settings: 1 off position, 4 night vision compatible settings, and 6 daylight settings
  • 1X (non-magnifying) operationally parallax free optic
  • Submersible to 80 feet (25 meters)
  • Temperature span -49°F to +160°F
  • Weight 3.8 oz / 108 g (sight only)
  • Length x Width x Height 2.7 x 1.5 x 1.7 in / 68 x 37 x 43 mm

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