YouTuber Iraqveteran8888 is known for his interesting content. From “How Far Will an Air Rifle Kill?” to “Top 5 Guns to Scare Your Daughter’s Boyfriend,” he hits every facet of the gun world. His more popular videos revolve around meltdowns. He recent performed an AR-15 meltdown test on a Palmetto State Armory upper.

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He chose the Palmetto State upper because of its cheaper price point.

“What about the average working man and his upper? Palmetto State Armory’s done a great job of providing these types of products to the end consumer for a very reasonable amount of money,” he says. “… Don’t you want to know what your $250 upper can do?”

“In this meltdown, we take an entry level upper from Palmetto State Armory and shoot it full auto until failure. It’s very interesting to see how various levels of quality in the components really make a difference in these tests.”

Watch the AR-15 meltdown above.

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