In recently released footage of an Austin Police OIS (Officer Involved Shooting) the fight stopping ability of a 12 gauge is on display. A single round is all takes to neutralize the threat in this video. The body cam footage begins at the 14 minute and 15 second mark.

Details of the Austin Police OIS

On Christmas Eve of 2021, 911 dispatchers took a call around 10:40pm about a man “waving a black rifle in the air.” As officers went en route to the call, reports continued to come in about the man brandishing the rifle and firing it into the air. An APD officer searching for the man reported hearing gun shots as well. An APD officer then located the suspect, who was still brandishing the rifle at traffic.

Breaking Down the Tactics

The officer’s tactics were excellent in this situation. Watching the body cam footage, he positions his vehicle to act as cover between him and the suspect. While still maintaining cover, he exits the vehicle with his issued shotgun, recognizing that the threat he was facing put him at a disadvantage if he just used his handgun. The officer then circles to the rear passenger side of his vehicle, against giving him the maximum amount of protection against the suspect’s carbine. Here, he starts to issue verbal commands to the suspect to drop the rifle, etc. The suspect doesn’t comply and brandishes his weapon toward the officer, at which point the officer fires a single round from his shotgun, effectively ending the threat. Afterward, other officers arrived on the scene and attempted first aid on the suspect, which were unsuccessful.

Understanding the Power of Shotguns

Shotguns have certainly fallen out of vogue as a police or home defense weapon. However, this Austin Police OIS clearly illustrates how effective they can be in the hands of someone that knows what they’re doing. The officer in this case was able to deliver a precise, fight stopping hit exactly when the situation called for it. Furthermore, he did it with good tactics, a good backstop, and most importantly all the good guys went home at the end of shift.

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