The CROSS Rifle makes its move to the world of Competitive Shooting with the new CROSS-PRS. This latest addition to the CROSS line of bolt action rifles has been completely re-configured to meet the specific needs of long-range precision shooters.  


With its steel structured 14.2lb design, the CROSS-PRS distributes weight evenly. It delivers a balanced feel while reducing recoil and decreasing the time it takes to get back on target. The CROSS-PRS features a folding adjustable steel stock for easy movement. Additionally, heavy contour stainless 5R rifled barrel provides extreme accuracy. Also, an 18” free-floating, two-piece Arca handguard makes for easy connection to tripods and bipods. Lastly, there’s a precision designed grip and selector switch. The CROSS-PRS is purpose built, with all of the features needed to be an extremely capable precision long-range rifle right out of the box.

Editor’s Thoughts

It looks like Sig is going hard into the long range/precision rifle game with this entry. With the popularity of the Precision Rifle Series, National Rifle League (NRL) and NRL Hunter, it makes sense that they’d target this market. The original CROSS retails around $1600. So it’s fair to expect that the new CROSS-PRS will hit for higher than that.

The question will be whether or not the CROSS can dethrone its closest competitor and the current kind of the out of the box PRS gun: the Ruger Precision Rifle. The RPR retails for significantly more than the CROSS does, which is definitely a point for Sig in this battle. Regardless, the new CROSS-PRS looks like a great starter choice for getting into the precision rifle games.

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