Many of CZ’s tactical handguns were adaptations of designs meant for competition. In an inverse of that CZ USA has taken their carry and tactical P10 line and created a competition variant, the P-10F Competition Ready. Upgrades that competitors have had to seek out aftermarket are not included, and even some that can only be found on this model.

Making the CZ P-10F Competition Ready

By lengthening the P-10’s slide to cover a 5” barrel, CZ has created a pistol with the longer sight radius competitors use for an advantage, and slower, gentler recoil impulse that makes for smoother shooting. The P-10F is easily recognizable by the gold (Titanium Nitride) accents on the barrel, trigger shoe, and magazine baseplates, but offers more than just a longer sight radius.

  • Apex Tactical extended magazine catch 
  • Apex Tactical Extended slide stop 
  • HB Industries back slide cover 
  • HB Industries trigger 
  • Three included magazines with Henning Group aluminum base pads 
  • Improved chamber and feed ramp geometry for enhanced reliability with a wider assortment of ammunition

These upgrades can of course be done at home to a regular P-10F for a little less than the price difference, but once you include shipping costs, an additional magazine, and the Titanium Nitride coatings the P-10F Competition Ready wins on value. Trumping a home build is the added sight radius, longer-slide shooting experience, and valuable muzzle energy increase that only comes from a longer slide and barrel.

Shooting the CZ

At the 2021 Athlon Rendezvous we had a chance to put some rounds through the CZ P-10F Competition Ready and found it an absolute pleasure to shoot. The aggressive grip texture that may feel abrasive to some on the smaller models. However, when held tightly in the hand, and combined with the lengthy grip, balanced weight, and smoother reciprocation of a longer slide makes for a very flat-shooting, easy sight-tracking, nail-driver. The dueling tree also seemed to notice the extra energy. The 5-inch barrels gives 9mm rounds a little extra oomph, so those targets went away with a quickness. As we got into the rhythm of the longer slide, the shot-to-shot cadence increased rapidly. The CZ P-10F Competition Ready is easy to shoot!

CZ P-10F Specs:

SKU: 95180

MSRP: $999.00

Caliber: 9mm Luger

Magazine Capacity: 19+1

Frame: Fiber-reinforced polymer

Trigger Mechanism: Striker

Sights: Fiber-optic front sight

Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged, Titanium Nitride coated

Barrel Length: 5”

Overall Length: 8.5”

Width: 1.26”

Weight: 30oz

Safety: Firing pin block, Trigger safety

This gun is begging to go fast. We’ve got one on the way, so watch for a future issue of Ballistic Magazine for more details on the shooting performance and experience a CZ P-10F Competition Ready provides.

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