A recent traffic stop gone wrong leads two Greenfield officers into an unexpected police involved shooting. The video is a perfect demonstration that no traffic stop is routine, and officer’s lives are on the line each and every time. As this is an ongoing investigation, the video includes edits pending further review of the incident.

Two Greenfield Police Officers Involved in Deadly Shooting

Upon witnessing the vehicle roll through a red light in front of him, an unnamed officer began his pursuit. Following multiple attempts to get the suspect to stop, a backup officer arrives, leading to a high-speed chase. Immediately following the start of the pursuit, a third officer deploys a spike strip.

Moreover, the spike strip was ineffective, and the suspect continued to flee, running multiple red lights and stop signs. However, his luck ran out as he attempted to run a final red light, instead hitting another vehicle.

Following the accident, the officers immediately placed themselves on either side of the vehicle and ordered the suspect to show his hands—18 times. In an unfortunate turn of events a bystander intervenes, distracting the officers as a result. As the bystander is leaving, the suspect opens fire through his windshield, striking the original pursuing officer.

When the officer seeks cover around the other vehicle in the accident, the suspect begins firing at the second officer. Still in the fight, the first officer rounds his cover vehicle and fires at the suspect, who is now out of his vehicle and running. With the suspect now on the run, the two exchange fire, as he jumps over the officer, who is now fighting for his life.

The Aftermath

The two officers involved retreat to cover, as more officers arrive on the scene and pursue the suspect on foot. Although no other gunshots are heard in the video, the suspect was found dead a short distance away.

The first officer was shot in the leg, finger and chest, prompting the second officer to immediately apply a tourniquet to the leg. “Please don’t let me die,” he tells the second officer. “I’m having trouble breathing. Please don’t let me die, I’m begging you. I believe in you.”

Fortunately for him, the second officer acted quickly. “I got you. I got you,” she replies, as she tends to his wounds while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

According to a report from WISN 12, the suspect was on probation for two prior convictions for fleeing law enforcement. Additionally, as a felon he was not legally eligible to own a firearm.

Initially following the scene, the officer was listed in critical but stable condition. Fortunately, the officer is now at home and expected to make a full recovery.

“What you’ll see in this video is the kind of danger police officers face every day,” Chief Johnson states in the video brief. “You will see their bravery. Their heroism. Their commitment to this community.”

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