Rising costs of ammunition, coupled with ammo shortages everywhere has driven many to reloading. However, when accuracy is everything, time begins to dictate when you can get to your reloading project. The new ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser, from RCBS, reduces your reloading time and increases your accuracy.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser

Boasting 0.1-grain accuracy the ChargeMaster has a 1500-grain load cell capacity for more loads between refills. Utilizing a proprietary Learning Mode, the unit uses a unique feedback loop and algorithms. As a result, it automatically adjusts dispensing speeds and stop points. The setup is a two-minute process and learns the unique characteristics of the powder you are dispensing. After the process is complete, normal sized charges will dispense in less than 15 seconds, typically.

Additionally, the Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect your ChargeMaster to your phone. Once connected, the RCBS app allows the user to dispense charges and operate the dispenser hands-free. Included in the updated app is a virtual reloading bench and comprehensive data log, as well as access to the technical service team. Consequently, the technical service team is readily available to answer any technical questions a handloader may have.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser has Bluetooth connectivity.

The ability to run on an external battery also makes the ChargeMaster a truly mobile unit, not tied down with cables. Accordingly, this allows you to reload at home or in the field, for those always on the go. Additionally, you can be out reloading for your pistol or rifle at the range, and keep shooting all day.

“The Chargemaster Supreme is the next evolution in powder dispenser technology,” said Will Hemeyer, Sr. Product Manager for RCBS. “Our patent pending learn process is quick, efficient and easy to use. This function makes sure your powder throws are optimized to the powder you are using, plus the process only takes a few minutes to run and once it does your dispense times are significantly reduced. The Chargemaster Supreme is sure to be the only dispenser most handloaders will need on their bench.”


The RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser is available for preorder now, with an MSRP of $499.95. For more info, please visit

The RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser.

RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser Features

  • Bluetooth compatible with free RCBS app
  • 1,500-grain load cell capacity
  • 0.1-grain accuracy
  • Proprietary Powder Learn Process
  • Powder hopper drain alarm (patent pending)
  • 50 memory slots for favorite and Powder Learn charges
  • Available external battery pack adds portability
  • 16-segment LCD touchscreen display

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