Frank Melloni is back with another exciting season of Reloading Zone!

In the first season, we covered the bare basics of hand-loading ammunition. Season 1 had a heavy focus on setting up tools, reading data and undergoing the essential processes for reloading ammo. Its scope: help newcomers get their loading benches set up and start rolling out rounds that produce factory-like precision and reliability.

Season two focuses on the processes required to prepare your now-once-fired brass cases for their second loading. These processes include:

  • Cleaning both the inside and outside of the cases;
  • Trimming them to size;
  • Addressing primer pocket imperfections.

Once the cases are ready, we cover building a set of load development rounds before conducting a live-fire demonstration of what to look for when judging which powder charge is best. The series ends with an in-depth target analysis, followed by tips to bring your groups down even further, helping you achieve half minute-of-angle results or better.

Enjoy watching host and ammo reloading expert Frank Melloni as he walks you through the process using the latest and greatest products from Frankford Arsenal, Starline Brass and Hodgdon.

Reloading Zone Season 2, Episode 1: Cleaning

Frank discusses wet and dry methods of case cleaning through a demonstration of Frankford Arsenal’s rotary and vibratory tumblers. Plus, learn the pros and cons of each method as well as instances where to decap before cleaning your brass.

Reloading Zone Season 2, Episode 2: Trimming

Episode 2 focuses on the importance of trimming for safety and accuracy. Frank shows us how to identify trim specs before using the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep and Trim Center to cut brass back down to size.

Reloading Zone Season 2, Episode 3: Accurizing

Exposed primer pockets present the optimal opportunity for refinement. Episode 3 covers pocket primer uniforming, using tools from the Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Expansion Kit. Plus, learn to ensure repeatable flame transfer using the RCBS flash hole deburring tool.

Reloading Zone Season 2, Episode 4: Loading + Range Day

Our final installment covers loading rounds for testing, followed up by a live-fire demonstration. Frank covers deciding which increments to use for which cartridges before rolling off a batch of 6.5 Creedmoor rounds consisting of Hodgdon powder and Hornady bullets.

Reloading Zone is an Athlon Outdoors original video series. Catch up on Season 1 here.

Tactical-Life has you covered with everything RELOADING. Check out the Complete Book of Reloading here.

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