Competitive shooting is a great way to practice crucial skills and test your merit against others. A major deterrent, aside from risking personal pride, has always been the cost of competition-grade gear. The SAR9 Sport looks to solve that problem. 

The SAR9 Sport is Competition Ready

While there are plenty of affordable basic carry guns out there, a pistol with an edge in competition typically also requires a financial edge. For example, longer sight radius, smooth recoil impulse, and advanced ergonomics all tend to cost more money. Sarsilmaz, imported to the US by SAR USA makes an affordable duty gun that they’ve not tweaked for a competitive edge.

There is no argument that SAR USA hit it out of the park with the SAR9 Sport built for competitive shooters. For instance, performance is enhanced by the extending and porting the forged-steel slide. The longer barrel produces more energy on target, longer slide means a longer sight radius making for easier aim, and the porting allows for cooling and doubtless slide manipulation.  The lightweight polymer frame and ergonomic grip help absorb recoil allowing for quick target acquisition. Quicker back on target shot after shot means quicker stage runs. 

Trigger Time

I spent a brief time with this gun recently and was tickled at how quickly I was able to keep my half of the dueling tree swinging the other way. Other features offered that I’ve come to appreciate is the changeable left or right magazine release, the striker status indicator, and the enhanced trigger guard which allows for a more comfortable, higher grip. Gripping higher on the gun greatly enhances recoil control. 

SAR9 Sport Specifications:

Action: semi-automatic, striker fired

Caliber: 9mm

Barrel Length: 5.2” Forged Steel

Overall Length: 8.3” 

Sights: Traditional 3 dot/optics ready

Magazine Capacity:  17+1 / 19 +1 rounds or a 10-round capacity option for those in restricted states 

Stainless-Steel Frame Assembly 

Overall weight (unloaded): 29.9 oz

Final Thoughts

It is evident in so many ways that the SAR9 Sport was designed with the shooter in mind. All things considered, I wish I’d had more time with this gun and fortunately SAR USA has agreed to send one for a more in-depth review. Obviously, I hope to acquire a holster to really put it to the test while improving my own skill. Look for an article coming soon in Tactical Life Magazine. 

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