Despite what you may have heard, SHOT Show isn’t just about the guns and the gear. Yes, those two elements undoubtedly play a huge part in the success of the massive industry trade show at the Sands Expo Center every year, but for those who are into this sort of thing — and we’ll just go ahead and assume that you are — there are also a bunch of very cool vehicles on display as well.

Planning your next hunting trip? Why not check out Rokon’s rugged Trail-Breaker ATV for hunters, which comes with a camouflage design and brush busters? For those looking for a versatile, tough off-road vehicle, you could do much worse than the Tomcar. We also saw some of the latest offerings from Polaris, Kawasaki — watch closely to see the Teryx4 side x side make an appearance — and, since we’re always up for checking out some tactical armored security vehicles, we couldn’t leave without checking out a Lenco BearCat. Let’s just say we walked away from the whole experience very, very impressed.

Without further ado, here are some of the coolest vehicles we saw while we were at SHOT Show 2017.

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