As any hunter will tell you, getting an early start can be crucial to a successful hunt. However, the earlier you start, the darker it is and the harder it is to scout the area before daylight. This is where an optic solution, like the Night Vision Rangefinder, from X-Vision Optics, comes into play.

The X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder

Housed in a protective casing, with IP52 water and dust resistant rating, lies a unique trio of technology. The combination of rangefinding, night vision and magnification technologies come packaged together in the one portable monocular platform.

With 6x magnification, coupled with night vision, the rangefinder provides a clear view, up to 150 yards in total darkness. However, during daylight the powerful magnification can reach out to 400 yards. Likewise, it maintains rangefinding capabilities up to 200 yards in either lighting condition.

Weighing a slight .5 pound, the X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder is easy to keep handy while you hunt. This also makes it handy for getting to your blind in rough terrain and easily stow when not in use. With its ability to automatically transition from day to night vision, there is no need to mess with a lens cap.

The X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder.

Utilizing 6 AA batteries the Night Vision Rangefinder has a runtime of 9 hours daytime and 4 hours nighttime. However, to ensure maximum battery life the unit shuts off after five minutes of inactivity. Ensuring ease of operation in the dark, the functions can be cycled through via four simple buttons at the thumb.

“This handheld rangefinding monocular is ideal for any hunter. When bow hunting, I can get to my stand in total darkness and get all my ranging done before daybreak. The device fits perfectly in my hand and limits my movement and motion in the stand with the constant ranging feed in the view finding screen. So, when the deer are up and moving, I am ready to throw an arrow” Chris Shimek, X-Vision Optics, owner & partner.


The X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder is available now with an MSRP of $399.99. For more info, please visit

Rear view and front view of the X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder.

X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder Specs

Nighttime Full Dark Distance: 150 yards
Day Time Max Distance: 400 yards
Range Finding Distance: 200 yards
Optical Lens: 3x
Minimum Magnification: 3x
Maximum Magnification: 6x
Field of View @ 100 yards: 20 yards
Battery Type: AA Qty 6
Day Time Battery Life: 9 hours
Nighttime Battery Life: 4 hours
Screen Size: 1.5 in
Unit Size: 5.20in x 2.20in x 3.50in
Weight: 0.5 lb
MSRP: $399.99

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