ZEV Technologies shooter K.C. Eusebio set a new national record for USPSA’s Carry Optics division recently. The accomplishment came during Eusebio’s recent win at the 2019 U.S. Steel National Championship. The feat marked Eusebio’s first win with the KC Competition Model ZEV Tech OZ9.

“This was an amazing victory for me. I was able to bring home a National title and record with not only a ZEV Pistol but MY very own model,” Eusebio said. “It was also something near and dear to me since this is the launch of the new OZ9 platform and it proves that this pistol is a definite upgrade from its predecessors. I can’t wait to bring home more trophies and set new records with the OZ9.”

Eusebio set a new record overall time of 78.27, becoming the first competitor to break the 80-second mark with a Carry Optics pistol.

The feat marks the first-ever competition win with the all-new ZEV OZ9. The handgun debuted on Jan. 1, 2019. It was actually our brethren at Ballistic Magazine that got the first exclusive on the OZ9, which appeared on the cover of their spring 2019 issue. ZEV expects the new KC Competition Model OZ9 to begin shipping to dealers in May.

The ZEV Tech 0Z9 brings more than a decade of experience working on and customizing Glocks, and creates a package one might call the “Glock perfected.” Also, the design is modular, with improvements to the trigger group, barrel, overall ergonomics and more.

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Match Details

  • Event: 2019 U.S. Steel Nationals
  • Location: Covington, Ga.
  • Overall Placement: 1st Place Carry Optics
  • Equipment: ZEV 0Z9 KC Competition Model

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