We all enjoy the solace of our inner sanctum. It is the one place where we feel completely comfortable and relaxed. As we should. However, life can come at you fast and you never know when tragedy will strike. It is no secret that the world is taking a dangerous turn and criminals are becoming more emboldened. For that reason, hardening your home with strategically placed defense weapons is necessary for your family’s safety and security.

8 Home Defense Weapons

When it comes to hardening your home with defensive weapons, the trick is placement. You never know where you are going to be in your home when you will need them. So, it is a good idea to have them placed throughout the house. The idea is to be able to quickly arm yourself, wherever you are.

Mossberg 590S Pump-Action Shotgun

Home Defense Weapons: Mossberg 590S Pump-Action Shotgun.

Nothing says, “get out of my house,” quite like a shotgun. Available in four different models, the Mossberg 590S provides your choice of full-length stocks or compact Shockwave-gripped models. Perfect for keeping at your bedside, the 590S allows for any combination of 1.75-, 2.75-, or 3-inch 12-gauge shells. All without the use of an adaptor.

MSRP: $623.00 – $731.00. For more information, please visit

SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel and Velcro

SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel.

If you really want to bring the suck factor, try pepper gel. The SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel provides maximum strength effectiveness and UV marking dye for police identification. Because of the viscosity of the gel, there is no wind blowback or in-air-atomization. As a result, it is safe to use indoors, making it perfect for home defense.

For defensive purposes, take a strip of Velcro and stick the loop panel on your door frame. Then, place the hook panel on the side of the pepper gel and affix it to the loop panel on the door frame. Make sure to keep the nozzle pointed at the door. Then, keep your hand on the pepper gel while answering the door. If someone tries to force their way in, pull the pepper spray off the door frame and start spraying.

MSRP: $19.99. For more information, please visit

RMJ Tactical Snuckles

Home Defense Weapons: RMJ Tactical Snuckles.

Some weapons are really just weapons of opportunity. Take the RMJ Tactical Snuckles meat tenderizer for example. Available in either brass or aluminum, this handy kitchen utensil might even find another use during a home invasion. What’s more, it is handy around the house too. According to RMJ it can also be used as a “napkin holder, paperweight, forehead scratcher, extreme exfoliator, DNA sampler thing.”

MSRP: $149.00 – $189.00. For more information, please visit

CaneMasters Tactical Eagle Walking Cane

The CaneMasters Tactical Eagle Walking Cane.

Many like to keep a bat by the door and that is a great option. However, it is overtly menacing when company is over. The whole point is to keep something for defensive blunt force trauma measures. A cane, on the other hand, looks quite normal sitting next to a door. And an Oak cane from CaneMasters not only provides a striking tool, but also a control tool. In addition, CaneMasters also offers training programs to learn how to use a cane defensively.

MSRP: Starting at $199.95. For more information, please visit

TASER Pulse+

Home Defense Weapons: TASER Pulse+.

Home intruders will sure be shocked to see what you have waiting for them. The TASER Pulse+ weighs only 8 ounces and features a familiar pistol like interface. With a 15-foot shooting range the Pulse+ delivers 30-seconds of muscle overriding defense.

In addition, it also integrates with Noonlight, a safety platform that connects the TASER to your phone. Once you disengage the safety, Noonlight sends a notification to emergency personnel. So, while your intruder is riding the lighting, help is on the way.

MSRP: $449.99. For more information, please visit

Benchmade Longhand

The Benchmade Longhand.

Whether it is bills, notes, or letters, we all have to write things down. However, by replacing that flimsy old Bic with a tactical pen, you can leave a mark on paper or an intruder’s forehead. Machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, the Benchmade Longhand is lightweight and tougher than a bad guy’s head. Featuring finger grooves along the barrel, the Longhand is perfect for striking or kubotan techniques. Send your assailant fleeing to the hospital and then write your friend about it.

MSRP: $160.00. For more information, please visit

Spartan Blades Moros

The Spartan Blades Moros.

I always hear people talk about the effectiveness of their big fighting knife, only to hear it is at home. Well, that is the perfect place for a big fighting knife. Since there are no laws regarding the size of knife you have at home, this is the place to go big. Constructed of CPM S45VN, the Spartan Blades Moros features a 5.25-inch blade with a 10-inch overall length. Designed for fighting, the Moros is the perfect weapon addition to any home defense plan. Additionally, it is designed by retired Green Beret, who know a thing or two about combat.

MSRP: $385.00. For more information, please visit

Stinger Whip Car Emergency Tool

Home Defense Weapons: The Stinger Whip Car Emergency Tool.

If they are breaking into your home, it is clear their parents didn’t whip them as children. So, it looks like it is up to you to do the whipping. The Stinger Whip features a 17-inch industrial steel cable that provides several whip-like blows in a matter of seconds. Likewise, the CNC-crafted ergonomic aluminum alloy grip features a window breaker/skullcrusher.

MSRP: Starting at $24.99. For more information, please visit

Bonus: Improvised Weapons

Although it’s important to have dedicated weapons on hand, and training in their use, improvised weapons always have their place. Improvised weapons are true weapons of opportunity and can be anything from a pan to an ashtray. I have a longtime saying, “the world is your weapon, pick it up and hit them with it.”

Regardless of where you are in your home, there’s surely something that can be used to discourage a would-be assailant. Take look around you right now and I am sure you can identify something that can be used. For example, if you are reading this on your phone, you are reading it on a weapon. Likewise, when you are reading any one of our fine print magazines, they can easily be converted into an improvised weapon.

A magazine makes a great improvised home defense weapon.

The simple principles behind identifying the uses of an improvised weapon are hard objects for hard targets, edged and pointy objects for soft targets, and soft or liquid objects in the face for distraction.

Keep it real and stay safe.

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