Colt AR-15A4 5.56mm Rifle | Gun Review

The Colt AR-15A4 is a battle-proven warhorse which offers enhanced accuracy and terminal ballistics!
Colt’s AR-15A4 is an amalgam of the old and the new. Note the standard hinged triggerguard, A2-style pistol grip and Magpul PMAG.

Colt’s AR-15A4 is an amalgam of the old and the new. Note the standard hinged triggerguard, A2-style pistol grip and Magpul PMAG.

Final Thoughts

With the proliferation of M4-type carbines riding in patrol vehicles and stored in LEO gun lockers, why would anyone wearing a badge be interested in an AR-15A4 configuration? The M4 was developed primarily with compactness in mind for improved handling in the CQB situations urban warfare offers and for improved ease of us during vehicular travel. For the compactness, the M4 gives up higher bullet velocities, which translates into extended range for accurate shot placement and increased bullet lethality.

For officers who don’t share their long guns with others, or whose job profile and service area will always put them outside buildings, a fixed stock that fits them while wearing body armor eliminates any last-minute fiddling with stock adjustments—just grab and go. In an area where the majority of engagements are outside of structures, a bobbed barrel and collapsible stock may seem unnecessary. There are a number of situations where accuracy—pinpoint accuracy—is critical, and if the utmost in accuracy from a duty-style weapon is needed, the longer barrel on the Colt AR-15A4 and the rigidity of the fixed stock should provide that when a run-of-the-mill M4 may not.

Additionally, the extended barrel of the AR-15A4 provides increased downrange performance with almost any bullet weight. A rifle-length gas system, with the opportunity for gases to cool down before entering the chamber and less violence in the recoil system, should eliminate the rapid chamber fouling and reliability hiccups sometimes found in the M4.

In some minds, the Colt AR-15A4 may be missing a few of what many consider “modern amenities,” but it is a solid, hard-working AR that should not be so easily and quickly misjudged. The AR-15A4 definitely has a place in law enforcement—even if no one will ever attach a bayonet to the barrel! For more information, visit or call 800-962-2658.

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  • TOMP

    Just what we need, police who think law enforcement is like patrolling Fallujah.

    Number of sworn officers in America: approx. 780,000
    Number of officer’s killed by gunfire on duty 2013: 32 (including 2 “accidental”)

    Dressing up the purchase of your shiny new toys as “officer safety” is baloney. It also represents a very clear threat to the safety of Americans citizens, as you little boys in blue kill an average of 400 citizens a year.

    And Lord knows how many family pets.

    • yahooBear

      I understand your angst against LE, and agree that many in the LE community have a “righteous me, criminal you” mentality that views all citizens as either currently a perp, or will be a perp at some point in the future. I feel that these bad apples eventually get identified and expelled from the profession.

      But at the end of the day, LE forms the blue line that separates law-abiding, taxpaying society from those who prey on the weak and have little respect for civil order. Everyone chooses to live on one side of that blue line or the other. If you’re having LE issues, maybe you need to reexamine on which side of the blue fence you’ve chosen to live.