JR Carbine NY SAFE Act Compliant Version
JR Carbine NY SAFE Act Compliant Version

JR Carbine NY SAFE Act Compliant Version | New Product

Just Right Carbines is introducing the NY SAFE Act compliant version of their carbine. The JR Carbine features a

Just Right Carbines, a New York-based company which manufactures carbine rifles for law enforcement, competition shooting and civilian use, is introducing the NY SAFE Act compliant version of their carbine. This variant features a fixed, sporter style Thordsen Custom FRS-15 stock which eliminates the pistol grip. It also has a non-threaded 17-inch barrel and a reduced capacity Glock compatible magazine.

The JR Carbine is an ambidextrous, straight blowback-operated, semi-automatic, pistol-caliber carbine with telescoping 6-position collapsible buttstock and free-floating quadrail forend. It includes a Picatinny rail for mounting optics and accessories. This carbine is available in several different calibers and models, including 9mm Standard, 40 S&W standard, .45 ACP (Glock magazine based), and .45 ACP (1911 Magazine Based).

Product Features: JR Carbine

-Semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine
-Simple, reliable, straight blowback operation
-Ambidextrous bolt – configurable for left or right-hand ejection
-Bolt handle switchable to left or right side
-Converts to other pistol-calibers with simple conversion kit (available separately)
-Magazine included – Glock or 1911 depending on model
-Lightweight 17″ barrel (U.S.) or 19″ (Canada)
-Free-floating quadrail forend
-Picatinny rail machined into top of receiver
-Telescoping 6-position collapsible M-4 style buttstock
-Receiver, trigger housing and magazine well machined from aerospace grade 6061T-6 aluminum with black hardcoat anodizing for extra protection and durability
-Standard M-4 buffer tube, buttstock, and pistol grip
-Utilizes standard M-4/AR-15 furniture and trigger components
-Lightweight – approximately 6.5 lbs.
-Overall length: buttstock extended 33-1/2″, collapsed 30-1/4″
-Made in the USA, in New York State

Calibers and Models Offered:

-9 mm Standard, Restricted State (CT, MA, NJ), and California Compliant
-.40 S&W Standard, Restricted State, and California Compliant
-.45 ACP – Glock Magazine Based – Standard, Restricted State, and California Compliant
-.45 ACP – 1911 Magazine Based – Standard and Restricted State

For more information about the JR Carbine, as well as various parts and accessories offered by Just Right Carbines, please visit www.justrightcarbines.com

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  • The Survival Wire

    Voted w my feet as well. Trying to get everyone I know out of that state.

  • Tom form Roanoke

    If you live in a “Restricted State”, it’s because you keep electing Democrat scumbags for office. So enjoy your mere shadow of an AR, and reap what you sow.

    • Michael B

      I used to live in NYC but moved to Nevada to get away from the libtards running the place into the ground. I voted…with my feet.

    • Steve

      Unfortunately for us “Upstaters”, the “Downstaters” outnumber us. It’s not nearly as simple as your implication.

    • Nate Opgenorth

      What an arrogant and ignorant statement. Look at all the counties that voted for Astorino vs the POS Cuomo for the past election. Hint: vast majority of counties voted for Astorino. When you have the largest metropolitan city in the country and one of the largest ones in the world in your state it is not even a fair fight when voting. Upstate NY’ers are probably more hardcore pro 2nd amendment than a lot of southern states because we have to work 20x as hard to stay afloat. I plan to vote with my feet, I gave up on NYS but many haven’t, that said moving will NOT be easy for me, I have family here that depend on me.