Designed as part of a collaboration with SOF personnel, the new 3X Special Forces Rig by Max Velocity Tactical is a versatile rig with four 5.56 magazine pouches with kydex inserts, 4 MOLLE wide side panels if you want to add more pouches, and two pouches behind the side panels designed specifically for carrying two AN/PRC 152 radios (one on each side), or two 5.56 mags in each radio pouch. You can also use the pouches for various admin items, or leave them collapsed if you so wish. There’s also a rear pouch for carrying a compass, as well as a map/notebook pouch overlaying the compass pouch.

Max Velocity Tactical says you can attach the 3X Special Forces Rig directly to your plate carrier via the MVT PC Kit (sold separately). The 3X can also be worn over a plate carrier with the supplied h-harness, or standalone in ‘recce mode.’

The 3X Special Forces Rig is available in Coyote Brown and Multicam at a retail price of $155.00 and $165.00, respectively. See below for MVT’s rundown of features for this product.

  • 5.56 (.223) magazine pouches with kydex inserts x 4.
  • Low profile slim fit with the 4 x magazine pouches close to the body.
  • Each magazine pouch is supplied with a Kydex insert which both secures the magazine and allows for fast reloads.
  • 3 rows of MOLLE across the rig for maximum versatility.
  • 4 MOLLE wide side panels for the attachment of additonial pouches.
  • 2 x collapsible radio/magazine pouches behind the side panels, specifically designed for the AN/PRC 152 radio / 2 x 5.56 magazines.
  • Adjustable elastic/550 cord straps on the radio pouch to secure items of various sizes.
  • ‘Tuck tab’ design of the admin pouches (sold separately), providing secure closed-top pouches that can be accessed with complete silence – no velcro, buckle, or snap noise.
  • 4 adjustable points for a “perfect fit” for almost any body type / shape.
  • H-harness design with “vertical” MOLLE – providing comfort to be worn by itself, or with a backpack.
  • H-Harness is supplied with MOLLE to make the rig hydration carrier compatible.
  • Rear pouch for orienteering style compass.
  • Map / Notebook Pouch on back of rig, overlaying the compass pouch.
  • Antennae loops on the bottom of the rig. By using a flexible antenna extension, you can route the antennae(s) down and under the rig.
  • 1000D Cordura.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA.

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