Gemtech had introduced several new additions to its 300BLK ammo line. Whether you are looking for an economical training round or a lethal hunting round, supersonic or subsonic, Gemtech has you covered.

Providing excellent stopping power and precision, the supersonic 125gr Nosler 300BLK ammo delivers not only the ballistic performance that you demand, but also the smooth extraction and reliable feed that intense action hunting requires. This hunting load gets the job done each and every time.

If you’re looking for an economical training round, Gemtech’s supersonic 147gr FMJ 300BLK is the ammunition for you. The 147gr FMJ projectiles in this round are brand new and from a single manufacturer. These cartridges provide a bullet that punches through some of the toughest materials. Gemtech doesn’t accept excuses not to train.

Gemtech has maximized the famous Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail in the company’s new subsonic SMK 220gr HPBT 300BLK load. This bullet design delivers the ballistic performance, accuracy, and stopping power required of tactical professionals in high stress scenarios.

Despite claims by the competition, Gemtech has developed the quietest and most accurate loads for the 300BLK available, at a better price and with a more versatile family of cartridges than anyone else.

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