One suppressor for everything from 5.56mm to 300 Win Mag. That’s the route Gemtech decided to take with its newest addition, appropriately titled the ONE suppressor.

Gemtech calls its new suppressor the “world’s new go-to can for any application.”

According to Gemtech, “Use it on everything from your .300BLK carbine to 5.56 SBR and on up to 300WM; it’s the only silencer you’re going to need for your centerfire rifle. Yeah. From 5.56 to 300WM. How’s that for functionality?”

The ONE is an “Extreme Duty” silencer, full auto rated on 5.56mm as short as 7.5-inch barrels. Length is a tight 7.5-inch with a diameter of 1.625 including shroud.

Weighing in at just a smidge over a pound, built of Titanium and Inconel with an interchangeable QD mount or thread mount option and high temp black Cerakote finish, the ONE suppressor is rated for 300 Win Mag on 24-inch or longer barrels. Its slim profile is about the same diameter or smaller than everything else in its class.

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