With its most recent suppressor offering, SureFire decided to silence the 9mm market.

The sleek, high-performance SF Ryder 9 Ti suppressor for 9mm pistols and rifles features a strong, ultra-lightweight titanium tube and is built to the same exacting standards as SureFire’s battle-proven SOCOM Fast-Attach suppressors.

The 9 Ti’s proprietary, highly effective pig-nose baffles are machined from U.S.-mill certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock for extreme durability. These baffles are indexed and numbered to permit easy disassembly, simple cleaning, and foolproof reassembly every time.

The SF Ryder 9 Ti’s unique tube is created from ultra-lightweight titanium — fluted to further reduce weight and enhance appearance — as are the front and rear plates. This all helps to minimize the 9 Ti’s weight while increasing its overall strength and performance.

Single-point-cut ½ x 28 or 13.5 x 1 LH threads (depending on the 9 Ti model) provide secure, easy attachment to similarly threaded 9mm barrels, with no tools required.

An extremely durable Cerakote finish, available in three attractive colors, coats the suppressor and protects the 9 Ti from abrasions and corrosion.

Just like SureFire’s other suppressors, SF Ryder 9 Ti suppressors provide crucial tactical benefits, including reducing a weapon’s sound, dust, and muzzle-flash signature, which helps conceal your position; helping to prevent temporary and permanent hearing loss while enhancing situational awareness and communications; and reducing a weapon’s recoil, which allows for faster follow-up shots and makes shooting more enjoyable.

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