When Darren Mellors, David Loeser and AJ Lafferty, formerly of LWRCI, founded Kinetic Development Group they made it their mission to find solutions to problems with various high quality small arms platforms. One of the shortcoming that the team aimed to remedy was the front end of the FN SCAR L/H.

Many shooters compare it to a 6-inch piece of 2×4 with cheese graters on all dour sides, leaving no room for their support hand or even one accessory mounted to the SCAR’s plastic rails.

The standard SCAR forend forces Warfighters to compromise on the way they shoot as well as their choice of accessories. KDG’s solution to this problem is the MREX forearm.

By adding the MREX forearm to the SCAR the shooter will have room not just for desired accessories, but also more area to comfortably grip the rifle. Changing the barrel on a SCAR while using other ‘furniture’ systems can be a difficult ordeal. Where other receiver extensions fail the MREX succeeds by allowing quick change of different barrel assemblies. KDG offers three lengths to accommodate standard and short barrels, and offer negative space mounting options in MLOK and the KDG standardized modular rail system.

The MREX is also compatible with FN’s MK-13 EGLM grenade launcher with the MREX Grenade Launcher accessory kit.

With the MREX, a shooter does not need to adapt their shooting technique or compromise any comfort to properly use a properly equipped SCAR.  The weapon itself is changed to suit individual needs and is done with engineering grace and precision.

The MREX solution adds minimal weight to the firearm; what it does add is minimal and well balanced. It increases the accessory capability, improving proper placement and increasing weapon ergonomics, for instance by offering a rail step-down in front of the BUIS to mount lights and lasers.  Mounting your PEQ here not only tucks it away with a very low profile, but also reduces the height over bore axis reducing the offset of your IR laser illuminator.

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